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Thank you for visiting WE ARE THE MEDIA and supporting our movement.

We recognize the propaganda, bias, and false narratives set forth by mainstream media and their corporate sponsors. We understand the dangers of allowing these entities to distort facts and depict our culture and people through the lens of white supremacy that's designed to control thought and action. We understand the dire need for alternative media that is independently owned, created by, and serving Black people unapologetically.

We have witnessed once powerful and iconic, Black owned radio stations, publications, and television outlets crumble or be bought out by mega corporations. We also recognize web media outlets that are owned by major corporations who specifically target Black audiences. These entities do not have a vested interest in the empowerment of Black society. Although many times they dangle a black face as the spokesperson, strings are always being pulled by those in the dominant society in determining how we're represented.

We Are The Media changes that. 

Utilizing new media, WATM is the voice that represents a fresh outlook of our story, our culture. This is renegade media designed to make you think about what has been presented to you and challenge the status quo. Long gone are the days of complaining about mainstream media...

We ARE The Media.