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* Who’s going to be the new Black Media Mascot for 2018? You know, the one they prop up, place on a pedestal, and focus on a few sound bites from them that are divisive to Black society?

* One shouldn’t claim “woke” if they don’t see economics as the answer to most of our societal problems as a group.

* Everyone claims to have grown in a year’s time. No one admits to to going backwards. Many claim it’s not a loss because they’ve learned a lesson, but in reality, they didn’t really learn the lesson and they’re regurgitating that cliché saying to make themselves feel good. Sometimes you have to call a loss a loss. Ironically, I consider that “growth”.

* People who don’t want to be labeled seem to always compartmentalize and label others who may disagree with them.

* Things That Should Be Left In 2017:
- Snapchat Animal filters
- Non-Constructive “debates”
- Celebrating Mediocrity

Y’all be cool.


Ego is a muthafucka. It's always been around, but today's climate has it on steroids. With tens or hundreds of thousands of people all chiming in with opinions, we see this play out often on social media, reality shows, and even everyday life. Ego uncontrolled is self destructive and often deadly. It makes situations and the possibility for negative scenarios escalate in a nano-second. Tempers flair. Emotions rage. People want to win. People don't want to look weak. No one wants to back down even if for the greater good. Ego won't allow that. And the consequences are often predictable...fucked up results.

People won't be checking their egos anytime soon. If anything, I expect it to infect people at much earlier ages as they are further conditioned by the direction society is headed. "Compassion" and "Empathy" are endangered words, soon to be extinct. Interpersonal explosions are constantly happening publicly and inflated egos are the culprit. Unfortunately, the parties directly involved aren't the only casualties.

Ego is a helluva drug.

I suggest boycotting any and all things NFL...attending games, watching games on TV, purchasing or wearing paraphernalia, etc.. We must also acknowledge that it's not just the NFL organization, each individual team should be held responsible as well. Their sponsors need to be boycotted also and told why. I'd even take it a step further to say if one owns any jerseys, t-shirts, or any merchandise currently, they should BURN THAT SHIT, record it, and post on social media tagging the NFL commissioner and that specific teams' owner and general manager. Tens of thousands of videos circulating the internet of jerseys burning would be historical!

Oh yeah, and start your own damn league.



I hate the term "magic/magical" in describing the accomplishments of Black people. It's not magic. It's hard fuckin' work, dedication, discipline, talent, skill, making sacrifices, receiving support from others...whatever, but it's not "magic". All that "magic" rhetoric discounts the actual work that these people put in to achieve their goals/accomplishments. It's rather dehumanizing as well.


I've seen a LOT of articles and blogs recently that focus on negative Black relationships. Some suggest dating interracially. Others promote an agenda of 'male/patriarchial toxicity'. I'm surprised at how these 'battle of the sexes' geared posts aren't viewed as just that...something to cause conflict and NOT rebuild Black relationships and the Black family. This runs rapid amongst so-called "educated" Black men and women and to see so many not realize the con-game that's going on is disheartening. These manufactured stories are being promoted amongst white owned media (although they may be targeted towards Black people). These entities NEVER support healthy Black relationships. These entities NEVER promote positive aspects of Black life in America. These entities NEVER support or shine light on positive things Black people are doing in their communities. That's a clear sign of what their agenda is. We need to recognize this and call it out, NOT support it.

Before you comment, 'like', or share an article that does this by pulling at your emotions, consider the source and their intentions. Do you really believe they're genuinely looking to empower the Black family and Black relationships? Why are the authors (mostly non-paid) encouraged to focus only on negative aspects of Black society? This is NOT coincidence. It's very deliberate as this is practically non-existent amongst other races or ethnicities.

I encourage you to look deeper and not take these 'articles' or blog posts at face-value. One must understand how manipulative media can be and how just because someone or an entity is targeting you for 'clicks' and shares, that doesn't mean that they're actively working for progress of Black relationships. These articles are the opposite of #BlackLove and should be viewed as such as they're counter-productive to positivity. No solutions or relationship-building options are ever presented...only divisiveness.

We must stop being duped and falling for the negative propaganda used to promote division amongst our men and women. We must also call out these media outlets who promote such negativity.

Remember, #WeAreTheMedia.